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What is happening at the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator?

All small business goes through a series of stages before they are effectively able to scale and thrive. At The Motheo TVET incubator we understand that the first stages are normally the most challenging and a lot of businesses fail at this point.

According to an article in the mail & guardian, while entrepreurship experts would agree with these sentiments, South African Small Business failure rate of almost 80% within the first three year means the average entrepreneur’s chance of starting a business, growing it and creating much-needed jobs in painfully slim. (24.02.2017 article).

Our service offering is limited to businesses in the first 5 stages of development.

Startup stages

1st Month : Assessment

2nd Month - 12 months :Enterprise Development Services

6th month - 24 months : Selection

6th - 36th Month : Technology Services, Post Intervention, and Monitoring & Evaluation

What we do for Internal and Extended Business Development programs

Features/Programs (Two Main Programs) Internal Business Development Support Program Extended Business Development Support Progra
Pre- Requisites Business Idea & 2 page profile(Strong focus on Motheo TVET graduates) Existing business with MVP (Focus on the general community at large)
Application process Psychometric business acronym test, Demonstration of qualification and experience in field of business, business pitching interview and computer literacy Psychometric business acronym test, Demonstration of extensive experience in field of business, business pitching interview and computer literacy.
Timeline 3-36 Months 3-36 Months
Purpose To build the foundation of new Start-ups To accelerate the Growth of established Start-ups
Support Office Space, administrative tools support, business planning, training, Product development and operational tools Business Advice, seed funding, industry linked mentorship and networking Opportunities.
Demographics All South African individuals and groups aged between 18-35 years. Idea must be formed by individuals/groups who are 100% South African. All existing businesses with a 100% South African share ownership, directors aged between 18-50

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